Gosh darnit, JC Penneys!

I took the girls to get their pictures done yesterday. I am a major picture junkie – love having the girls photographed and love having new pictures to frame and display in our house. Since The Princess will be four in just a few days, and I was a few weeks overdue for Pumpkin’s 9-month pictures (yes – for the first year, I get pics done every 3 months!), I decided I’d take both – get individual shots of each girl, plus some of those adorable shots of them together.

Out of twelve shots – there were NINE excellent options. Only three pictures that I turned up my nose at – the rest were good.

I had brought my mom with me to help keep the girls together and smiling for pictures – but mom’s biggest accomplishment was helping me spend too darn much on pictures. Of course, it cemented in my mind even further that I have the cutest kids in the world. Or the hammiest.

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  1. There’s a place in the mall here called Kiddie Kandids. They sent my Girl a coupon for a free 8×10 pic, with no sitting fee. As soon as I saw it I knew it would end up being trouble. Because even though they just give you one for free, they still do five poses. And they can be in color, black & white or sepia. So I’ve got one free picture and 15 choices. BUT I CAN’T CHOOSE! They’re so cute and sweet and oh, ok, I’ll take this and this and this…

    Parents are suckers.

  2. It’s all a nice gig they got going on here – ’cause as a parent, you can’t say no to a good picture of your kid. And I’ve learned that they hit you up to try to buy MORE pics when you go to pick up the ones you ordered – so either I send Hubby to get them (because he’s “stronger” than I am) or my mom (who buys them all because that’s what grandmas do).

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