Light At the End of the Tunnel

A week from now, there will be a calm in my house I’ve not experienced since January: tax season will be over. Gone will be the days of Hubby working twelve to thirteen hour days, only to fall asleep not long after the girls are snoozing, to wake up hours before the rest of us. Hubby working on the weekends will be a thing of the past, as well (at least, until next year!).

We miss him and we are ready to have him home.

I jokingly said that being a CPA during tax season is probably a lot like giving birth – you must forget the pain, otherwise, why on earth would someone do it year after year after year?!

It’s 10:30 a.m. and Hubby has already worked six hours today… Here’s hoping we all manage to make it through the rest of this week!

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  1. Farm Wife says

    You can do it. You can see the light. Do not, under any circumstances look away from the light…

    Just think it’s a full 9 1/2 months until the next tax season…Hey, you could have another baby by that time! 😉

  2. Um…No. Hubby got snipped after Pumpkin – were I to have another baby, I’d have a whole lot of “splainin’ to do, Lucy”!

  3. LOL! If I knew your e-mail address I would send you a Hallmark e-card with a bansee preparing taxes. Instead you’ll just have to go check it out.

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