Smenita or Srnenita?

I can’t seem to comment to blogs requiring passwords today – the above continues to be my word that I have to type, and I can’t tell if it’s S-M-E-N-I-T-A or S-R-N-E-N-I-T-A!

I keep thinking, Okay, I’ll screw it up and it will give me different letters. But – no such luck.

So – to answer comments – Emily, yeah, the Carpet Flick is like a sticky tape thing – Hubby said we might as well wrap our feet with tape and walk around. Um, whatever. But The Princess is loving her “quiet vacuum”, so… fine by me.

Pumpkin is snoozing for her second nap of the day (two hours so far this time) after sleeping all night. I have no idea – do babies have a growth spurt around 8 months?

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Sarah is a book nerd, a music lover, an endorphin junkie, a coffee addict. Oh, and a goof ball. She writes, she tweets, and she sings off key.


  1. Anonymous says

    I’ll have to buy the flicker thing for my kids to use. LOrd knows, our floors get dirty quickly around this house. LOL

    And thanks for mentioning the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser… my bathrooms have never been cleaner. I like any invention that’s easy and cheap.

  2. Oooooh, it’s letting me comment now. Whahoooo!

  3. “Sarah”, and quietly shakes her head.

    WELCOME to momlife. That’s what I call it when all of these things hold true interest,whereas it seems when working FT outside of the home, we miss some of the cool stuff..

    Now, that being said. what about hardwood floors? Any help?

  4. I wish! I haven’t swept my hardwood floors for… ahem… awhile. I actually vacuum mine, but it’s not entirely effective.

  5. I have an upright… it just isnt working…. I SO understand!

  6. lingamish says

    Sarah, your blog has been mentioned at:

    Centre for Smenitalogical Studies.

    Thanks for speaking up against arbitrary word verificational injustice.

  7. That smenita thing is hilarious. Did you go to lingamish to check it out. So Funny!

    On the semi-serious side, I, too, tried the Mr. Clean Eraser on soap scum in the shower and wowsa! I will never be without a Mr. Clean Eraser again. Thanks for telling me what a good job it does.

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