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Stocking up for Y3K?

Hubby and I are world-class food hoarders. I didn’t always believe this, but lately, I’m starting to think it might be so. We have put a little food pantry in our garage for non-perishables that we have stocked up on because of great sales and coupons, and we’ve had the same bag of chips in our cupboard now for a month and a half almost. Unopened. What is up with that?

I have to mention these chips, because when I think of an unopened bag of chips, I instantly think that they must be generic greasy boring potato chips or those tooth breaking Krunchers (man, I hate those!). But nope. These are really good ones – Barbecue Baked Lays – my favorite. Hubby and I got these the first week of the New Year (the only week baked chips ever seem to go on sale, when all these people in the world think they are going to diet for their resolutions, whatever). They were on sale, we had a coupon – so even though we don’t normally buy chips, we bought the Lays.

And now, a month and a half later, they are still here, unopened.

It’s not that I don’t want to eat them. Quite the contrary. I want to eat them. Every few days I remember they are there, and think, “Chips. That would go really well with my [insert meal here]!” But I leave them up in the cupboard because I know this about myself:

I am weak.

Hubby is as well. Neither of us will rest until not a crumb remains in that bag once we have opened it and started eating them. We are like children… or untamed zoo creatures that way. As long as there is an open bag of chips in our house, we can not stop eating. So we haven’t even started.

Usually, Hubby caves before I do – and I’m actually surprised that he hasn’t yet. It’s so not like him that I bet he’s forgotten that we bought them. But, I’m quite aware of their presence… As I type this, I’m half salivating, thinking I should just go eat the darn things! I know myself better than that, though – I’ll go downstairs and start munching on something else until I’ve forgotten the chips again. Ten years from now, The Princess will have friends over after school, and we’ll finally bust out the chips. Thank goodness they are loaded with salt and preservatives – they’ll still be fresh.

Daniel Webster, Part 2

Me: Princess, stopped yanking on your sister’s arms! She’s fragile!
The Princess: Nuh-uh, Mom. Fragile means she can break easy – and babies don’t break!

Phooey on YOU, Postal Service!

That darn US Postal Service. I really think they are withholding my magazines and only delivering bills. It’s been a good week and a half (or not so good, actually) since I’ve gotten any good mail, and I really think it’s because the gals who work in our post office just aren’t done reading my magazines yet. I’m running out of things to read, and I need my magazines NOW!

I subscribe to a LOT of magazines. I’m a voracious reader and sometimes like a change of pace from books. To list a few of the many, I subscribe to: Cooking Light, Parents, Parenting, Glamour, Redbook, and Shape. There are actually several more that I subscribe to and read on a regular basis – which is why it’s odd when a week goes by and I haven’t gotten any magazines. I’m not even getting any GOOD junk mail these days.

I’ve about had it – first, they upped the price of stamps (AGAIN) and now, they’re hoarding my magazines. I may have to go down there and complain.

Ix-Nay on the TMI, Please!

Hubby was telling me the other day that one of his friends, and his friend’s wife, of course, have decided they will soon start trying to have a baby. Their son is 4 and they feel the time is right. Charming, lovely, sweet. Except…

I hate knowing details like this about people!

When Hubby and I were trying to conceive, believe me, there were very few people (if any) that knew about it – and that was exactly the way I wanted it. I didn’t want to have people asking me, “So, how’s the baby-making going?” I’m just not a too-much-information kind of girl. I didn’t want that many people thinking about what was going on behind closed doors, and I generally have that philosophy that well, I don’t need to know what’s going on behind other peoples’ closed doors either.

So, to find out that this couple (and what a nice couple they are, really) is trying to conceive…it forces me to make my brain NOT think about that when I’m around them! I mean, ack, I know how babies are made, and I just don’t want to know that about other people. Granted, there are some exceptions to this. I have friends that have had difficulty conceiving and I’ve been glad to offer my love and support, and a listening ear – but do I want to know about couples doing the “baby-dance” every other day? Um, not so much!

Does that mean I’m a prude? Probably! Despite the fact that I love the show Sex and the City, I just don’t have friendships like that, where my friends and I gab about anything and everything under the sun. Do they censor themselves because of me or are they just as hush-hush as I am? I don’t really know, and that’s fine.

Hubby’s friend told Hubby the first time this friend’s wife bought a pair of thong underwear. Hubby then told me. I then had to keep a straight face the next time I saw the wife – because I knew what kind of underwear she had on (but amusing that this was such a newsworthy tidbit that her husband had to share it!). Really, people, don’t take my mind places it doesn’t want to go!

Just Call Her Daniel Webster…

Yesterday, while we were at Pumpkin’s doctor appointment, The Princess was goofing around playing peek-a-boo. She’d hide, and then really loudly, bellow, “BOO!” One time, it made me jump, she was that loud. She looked at me and said, “Did I startle you?” (You have to imagine the stunned look on my face that she used the word “startle” and she used it correctly). She then looked at me like I was an idiot and said, “That means, did I scare you, Mom?”

What a smart cookie.

My Word Cloud

I suppose I coulda deleted some words… but… what the hey….

Happiness Is…

… a well-rested mama (Oh, and a sleeping baby, too).

Pumpkin is still sleeping. Yes, twelve straight hours now. I’m so happy, I could just do a little happy dance. I think partly, we can thank those lovely vaccinations she got at the doctor’s office yesterday. I think the other part of the equation is that she finally figured out that if she rolled onto her tummy, she could sleep better.

With the “Back to Sleep” campaign, we’ve always put her to bed on her back, however, I’ve read that once babies are old enough to roll to their bellies, it’s safe for them to sleep that way. Yeah, I’m still a bit paranoid – after all these hours of sleep, I’ve been in there several times to watch her breathe. But, by golly: She’s sleeping!

As a result, I hit the hay at 10, and was up at 6:30! Eight and a half hours of sleep. Let me say that again: Eight and a half hours of sleep. Granted, I woke up a few times to check on her and to marvel that, “Hey, it’s 3 a.m. and she hasn’t woken up yet” or “Hey, it’s 5:30 a.m. and she hasn’t woken up yet!” And now, it’s been 12 hours, and she’s still snoozing, and I’m just stunned.

Yesterday, her doctor told us: “Babies who don’t sleep well during the day, tend to not sleep well at night.” She stressed the importance of letting her have time by herself – two one-hour periods daily. Yesterday, she spent most of her hour screaming. It broke my heart (on the other hand, during that time, The Princess and I made some very yummy cookies – so that was a plus). I thought for sure we’d be up several times last night. But – we WEREN’T!

I feel so well-rested. It’s gonna be a good day.

It Can’t Just Be Me…

Anyone else grateful to get through the SuperBowl halftime show without a “wardrobe malfunction”? I was petrified of having to see a little bit more of Mick Jagger than he was already showing! Ack! They kept the show clean, but the ‘Stones have never really been my thing, so it was wasted on me… I just kept thinking, “Please don’t let his pants fall off! Please don’t let his pants fall off…”

SuperBowl Sunday…

Like millions of Americans, I’ll be parked in front of the television tonight for the SuperBowl. The thing is, I could care less about Seattle or Pittsburgh. I’m not from there, and I actually think NFL football (don’t slam me!) is pretty boring! I could watch Big Ten football, and be okay with it [in all honesty, though I like college football somewhat, I would rather watch ANYONE play hockey].

But still, I tune in to the SuperBowl every year for one reason and one reason only. No, it’s not to see if someone else loses their top this year.

I like to watch the commercials.

As most people know, many major companies create new ads and spend beaucoup bucks to air them during the game. And much of the time, these ads are hilarious. I look forward to seeing the new ads, and reading the buzz about which ones were the best on the Monday following the game. This year is no different.

Wish I could get a reverse TiVo – skip the game, watch only the commercials… and wait out the hours until “Grey’s Anatomy” comes on.

When is it Mommy’s Naptime?

I’m sleep deprived and it’s hitting me hard. I read in a magazine yesterday that during a baby’s first year of life, the baby’s primary caregiver loses about 700 hours of sleep. Not to scare my friends without kids yet, but, well… I believe that is true. (Even scarier is that that figure is probably an average which means that some people are probably losing more than 700 hours).

The past week or so, Pumpkin has decided that she needs to wake up for a “snack” at 3:30 a.m. Of course, that means mommy is getting up at 3:30. Because she has slept through the night before, I try to keep these “feedings” short – maybe 5 minutes – and put her back to bed – no problema. However, it usually takes me awhile to fall back to sleep (the other night I was up for another 90 minutes seriously considering weaning her and starting formula – because I am so FREAKING TIRED!). This problem has been compounded by the fact that she will no longer nap in her crib! I put her down three times yesterday only to have her scream and scream. I let her cry it out at bedtime – but for some reason, I can’t bring myself to do it at naptime – mainly because I am not quite sure I get the point. The doctor said to let her cry for an hour and then get her out if she doesn’t fall asleep. Pumpkin has no concept of time – so isn’t she going to think, “If I cry long enough, mom will get me”? (Which is true – because yeah, after an hour is up – or however long until I cave in, yeah, I go get her).

I have to take her in for her well-baby check on Monday and I know when I bring this up, the doc is going to mention crying out naptimes. I know that what I need to do is start going to bed at 8 p.m. after I tuck the girls in – but I get sucked in by crappy television, catching up on reading, and doing all the things around the house that I can’t get done during the day. Sigh.

I have bags under my eyes, and my patience is at an all time low. Please – words of encouragement? Gentle (non-judgemental!) advice is welcome too… This mommy needs some rest!