The Princess Has Sticky Fingers

It’s official – The Princess is the house kleptomaniac. I’ve suspected for awhile that this was going to be a problem, but the other night confirmed it. Fortunately for Hubby and me, she has confined her grabby tendencies to the house, and not public places (like stores – my Stepson has seemed to lay claim to that department, having gotten busted two times already for taking five-finger discounts while shopping with his mother).

It seems as though anything lying around the house is fair game, and The Princess figures if she can reach it, she can take it. Currently, there are several of Pumpkin’s blankets in The Princess’s room, as well as several bendy straws from the kitchen pantry, and for awhile, she even had some of my books in her room (and she can’t read yet!).

Once, while playing in the bathroom she took a tampon out of its wrapper (I feel the need to point out it was unused) and took it to her room with her. Later, when I found the tampon in her room, she told me that it was for Barbie – it was Barbie’s fishing pole! Of course, I couldn’t just take it away without causing a huge hissy fit – so I had to wait until she had forgotten about it to take the darn thing and toss it.

The straw that broke this mama’s back was having to spend about twenty minutes Monday night looking for my bite plate. Yes, I clench my jaw and grind my teeth while I sleep, so much so that I needed that bite plate – which is probably one of the most expensive pieces of plastic that I own. I made the mistake of not putting the case high up in the bathroom on Monday morning, and apparently, The Princess got a hold of it. Hubby told me later that he saw her playing with it in her room (here is where I pause for a minute and wonder WHY Hubby didn’t take it away from her! It’s not a toy! It goes in my mouth!). When it came time for me to go to bed, I ended up going through her room with a flashlight looking for it! Hubby eventually found it in our room, under our comforter on the bed.

For reasons I can’t comprehend, in my mind, the bite plate theft is worse than the tampon incident. The kid has a room full of toys and keeps taking the oddest things. I really hope it’s something she outgrows.

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  1. That is so funny! Classic toys right there – reminds me of how Mike goes for everything that is NOT a toy and he makes it one!! HA!

  2. I doubled over laughing when I read she was using the tampon as Barbie’s fishing pole. She’s a very inventive little one. That’s hilarious.

  3. The Tampon story is hysterical! I laughed a little too loud. Even Husband laughed at that one, but secretly I don’t think he knows what a tampon is. He’s a little frightened of “female things.”

  4. Farm wife, just for fun, you should send your husband out to buy some. That’s always good for a laugh (my poor Hubby, I’ve sent him once or twice… and every time he comes back boggled at all the choices there are for that kind of thing!!!).

  5. No way! I sent him for sour cream once and he came back with cream cheese. I can’t imagine what he’d do with tampons!

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