Mr. Clean

This weekend, I don’t know what got into Hubby, but he was on a cleaning frenzy! Yesterday, he decided that our pantry cupboard area was a wreck, and he decided to reorganize it. I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut when he’s doing these projects – one wrong word, and as quickly as it comes on, the cleaning bug can disappear.

He went through each item in the pantry and classified it into three categories: Baking goods, snack foods, or breakfast foods. The bottom shelf was canned goods (of all varieties). His classification system, as I gently pointed out to him, was a little flawed — for example, where do you put pasta? It doesn’t really fall into either of the three categories. He put it with the snack foods – which I think is a silly place for it (mainly because that’s a low shelf, and easier for The Princess to get into – whether intentionally or otherwise). His system also didn’t take into account the frequency things get used. Rather, they were grouped and shelved by container size. Using this method, the graham crackers (which we use daily – and by we, I mean ME, since I really love graham crackers) were shoved all the way in the back right hand side of the snack shelf, but the Big Bird cheesy crackers that The Princess has had for about a year now are front and center.

I don’t anticipate it will be long before the food items migrate back to their proper homes.

In addition, he vacuumed and cleaned our living room (aka the Toy Pit), as well as putting The Princess to work (and helping her) pick up her disaster area of a room. He scrubbed the pots and pans and made Stepson put his laundry in the hamper.

All in all, the house looked grand for about ten minutes. But you gotta love the man for trying.

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  1. Can I borrow him? The last time Husband cleaned was when I was recovering from a c-section. And I use the word lightly. It was more of a “throw things in a pile and pretend their put away.” And I would pass out if he opened the pantry to do anything above reaching for the chips. We’ve lived here almost 3 years and he doesn’t know where the sugar is. I doubt he even knows what a “baking good” is.

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