Is It April 16 Yet?

I am sure this is the first of many postings with that title, because as the wife of an accountant, life gets pretty ugly at this time of year. Hubby left for work at 6:30 this morning, and got home almost twelve hours later at 6 this evening. This is apparently going to be the norm. The partners at his firm sat all the employees down this afternoon, and talked about how many hours they all need to work during tax season. Hubby came home and told me that it would be easy – if he worked twelve hour days!

Hubby had taken a break from the wild and crazy life of a CPA for awhile, so the last time he was working like this during tax season was just before The Princess was born. I’ve never had to bear the bulk of the parenting load during a tax season before, so I’m a little frightened right now. As it is, I am so grateful that I am working from home, because I can’t see how on earth I would be able to pull it off if I was working outside of the home! If I was working an eight-hour day in an office, having to come home and start a second shift making dinner and being on mommy-duty, well, I think I’d pull my hair out.

Currently, I fit bits of my work throughout the day when I can, and then more after the girls are in bed. This arrangement is working well for me, and thank goodness, because it sounds like I’ll be lucky if Hubby is home in time to tuck them in!

He can spread some of those hours to work on the weekend (oh joy), and all this time he’s working doesn’t include the time he spends on his own business when he is at home. The poor guy – he’s going to be ready for a vacation by Tax Day (and I will be, too!). This is insane, but I knew it would be when he accepted this job. Ah, the life of a tax-season-widow…

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  1. But doesn’t it feel great to know your own taxes are done, and done right, and you got all the exemptions you could get.

    I hate getting all the stuff together, taking it to the accountant, having her talk non-stop to us while she’s doing it, and having this feeling that we’re probably missing getting some money back somewhere because she’s not paying attention. I know…I need to change accountants but she gives our son lots of her business so I guess it all works out.

  2. Sarah,
    Like an idiot I logged in on my family’s blog using my non-family site. So, I have my fingers no one saw it and clicked on it, and I changed my site address just in case. So now it’s
    I wouldn’t want my blog friends to try to click on my former link and wonder what happened. This is the second time I’ve done that in two years! Hopefully it’s the last but you never know.

  3. I’m on a roll. That was the wrong address. It’s

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