Haircut Remorse

I am in mourning. I miss my hair. Since Friday, I have had several inches hacked off my hair and I so thoroughly regret it already that I have been sick to my stomach the past few hours.

The itch to cut my hair came Thursday when I realized that Pumpkin had swallowed some of my hair. Six months post-partum, and I still shed quite a bit. I was changing her diaper and found one of my hairs. To put it delicately, it was obvious that it hadn’t just fallen into the diaper. I immediately schedule an appointment to have my hair cut on Friday.

I have (I should say HAD) fairly long hair – several inches past my shoulders, and so I knew going to the appointment that I wanted a bit cut off. I wanted a noticeable difference. I wanted a change. Friday came and she cut a few inches off, and it was cute – but after a few days I knew it wasn’t really a noticeable difference, and it just wasn’t quite what I wanted. So… (stupidly) I went back today.

A few more inches are gone… My hair is now chin length. And I hate it.

My sister went with me and she tells me it’s cute. But I think she loves me enough to lie to spare my feelings. It’s not cute. I don’t have the confidence to pull off this ‘do, and I feel pretty miserable. Hubby hasn’t seen it yet, and he’s been warned to BE NICE. I’ve been trying hard to stay on the calm side of my spectrum (somewhere between “It’s only hair and it’ll grow back!” and “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”), but admittedly, tears were shed.

The Princess asked me what was wrong. I told her I didn’t really like my hair cut, but I would be okay. Her response (kids, gotta love ’em) was, “It’s okay if it doesn’t look nice, mom. You don’t have to like it.” Um, yeah. Thanks. Her intention was to make me feel better… but I may remind her of this when she’s 14 and she thinks her wold is going to end over a bad cut.

To perk myself up, I am going to go out tomorrow and buy cute barettes and clips (Ponytails are a thing of the past – my hair is way too short for that now). And, if my mood persists, I may just buy a baseball cap or two.

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  1. Did you know hair can grow up to a centimeter a month?

  2. 1 cm? That’s it?! Ack! Hubby came home with a dozen yellow roses (my favorite!) for me, knowing I was pretty bummed. He then said it was cute – kind of like Rachel on Friends… but shorter (never mind that the style is outdated by nearly 10 years… he tried). He lies like a dog, but man do I love him.

  3. I’ve had my hair styled every way imaginable to man, permed, straight, purple, red, blue, black, strawberry blonde, short, long, mullett, rat tail, half shaved and it all grows back. In the meantime Hubby can pretend he has a new wife (they all like that at one point or another… newness without having to give up the one you really love).

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