A Couple of Good Days…

Sometimes, when you are home the majority of the time, the days melt together, and nothing seems particularly outstanding, and nothing differentiates one day from the next. The past two days, though, have been good. Very good. Something about having a day that is better than normal can pick you up and raise those spirits…

Yesterday, The Princess had a Teddy Bear Picnic at school – she was so excited to leave in the morning that she didn’t make a stink about me doing her hair, she didn’t make a stink about getting dressed – instead, she just did what she was told and Hubby was able to easily get out the door. Always a good thing (but such a rarity, to be perfectly honest, as she usually procrastinates over morning cartoons or wanting to eat breakfast, or needing a cup of juice).

Pumpkin and I had plans with a co-worker and her one-month old, and we met for the best lunch at Uno’s. Note, if you are going to go hog-wild and just eat everything horrible for you (down to the Oreo Brownie sundae – yum yum yum), don’t look at the nutrition facts on their website. Just don’t. Go to Uno’s and have the sundae. My friend and I shared it and didn’t leave a single drop of ice cream on the dish!

Left the restaurant to find that it was sunny and fifty degrees outside! Yes, mid-January, temps in the 50s. I left my coat in the car and Pumpkin and I ran a few errands and headed home, basking in the sunshine the whole drive. Later, we even let The Princess play in the back yard on her swingset after dinner – gotta take advantage of those sunny days when we have ’em!

And today – both girls napped – AT THE SAME TIME! Though I could have been productive and got some house work done, I gleefully read my book, watched A Baby Story on TLC, and even caught about 20 minutes of rest myself… Ahhh. Happy mommy.

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  1. A little sunshine goes a long way!

  2. mmmmmmmm brownie sundae

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