A Tad Mortifying…

When I went to pick up The Princess from daycare today, her teacher said, “So, I hear you got a new bathing suit. The Princess told us ALL about it.”


Of course, there was no graceful way to say, “Soooo, what did she say?” I can only imagine, which is what makes it worse. It’s not a thong, by any means – doesn’t require a Brazilian wax to wear it… Just a green patterned two piece. Actually, it’s quite flattering (as far as bathing suits go – but I bought it several days ago and have eaten much popcorn since).

When we got in the car, I said to The Princess, “You told your class about mommy’s swimsuit?” She nodded her head, “I told them it was your favorite color! And I thought they would be happy that you got a new one.” I so hope that is all she said.

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  1. You’ll never know! That is so funny!

  2. That’s always a bit unnerving…when you know they said SOMETHING but you’re not sure what. When The Girl was in preschool a couple years ago, she came home talking about how her teacher was asking her if Mommy gets mad at her. It completely freaked me out. I tried for days to figure it out, WHY her teacher was discussing Mommy’s apparant anger with her…I later found out that they were filling out a Mother’s Day Questionaire and one of the questions was “When I do ______ Mommy gets angry.” My Girl didn’t have an answer for that one. (she probably would now :))

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