Still Recovering from Christmas

It is amazing how months of preparation went into planning for a 24-hour period, and now several days later, I am still in the process of recovering some sense of normalcy in the house. Hubby and I had asked people to please not go crazy buying toys for the girls this year. It’s not like they are too spoiled, but they definitely have their share of stuff (more specifically, The Princess does, and therefore Pumpkin does by association). Creating a bedroom for Stepson in the basement (it’s a nice basement, really) when we found out we were expecting Pumpkin, well, that caused us to lose a lot of our storage area…. and now we are overrun with STUFF.

Right now, it looks as though Toys R Us exploded and the debris all landed in our living room. Baby Annabell and her accessories (her very own pacifier and bottle, as well as a package of tissues) are hanging out on the Carebear sofa/futon that The Princess insists should be in the living room. The Furby is on the arm chair (well, actually, he’s kind of half under it). Pumpkin’s Peek-a-Blocks are everywhere, and not because she’s been into them, but because The Princess has been playing with them too. The Princess received more Dora the Explorer stuff than I ever even knew existed, so Dora has pretty much become a permanent addition to our living room decor. Hooray for the holidays.

Christmas Eve, my dad and his wife were in town from California, and they prepared dinner for us in our kitchen. As a result, my kitchen is still in recovery mode. As much as I loooved not having to put together an edible meal for everyone, giving someone else the run of my kitchen caused me pain, and continues to cause me pain as I find measuring cups and mixing bowls that are no where near their proper location. Additionally, I have about five pounds of chicken parts in my freezer that I will have to cook at some point (and chicken with bones in it totally goes against my lazy policy to only cook with skinless, boneless chicken breasts — I have no idea how to cook chicken with bones in it!). I have in my crisper a huge bag of parsley and smaller bags of thyme and rosemary (yeah, they don’t just come in the jars – hmmmmm). A plus is that I got a brand spankin’ new bottle of olive oil out of the deal. But really. Not worth it.

Though the joy of the seasons, and seeing the kids so happy make Christmas such a wonderful day – the recovery process makes me glad it only happens once a year.

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  1. Ok, my Girl got Baby Annabell as well and I want to know how there are any special baby kleenex left in your house? Ours were gone before Christmas dinner. Oh, and feeling the pain about Dora products. A great new feature of our living room is a Dora’s Talking Doll House. “I love my famiy. I love mi familia!”

    We’re not all cleaned up either. We didn’t even have any guests and I’m still glad it’s only once a year.

  2. Oh the tissues were gone after Annabell’s first little crying fit. Sometimes, when Annabell cries, I have to look twice to see if it’s her or Pumpkin!!!

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