On the Third Day of Christmas…

… my true love gave to me:

three bottles of Purell hand sanitizer

This is the first of the gifts to truly make me laugh out loud. Hubby thinks I’m weird about this stuff, but with two kids in the house, and because kids can life so chaotic and crazy when they are sick, I am all about zapping those germs.

The Princess likes to put her fingers in Pumpkin’s mouth because Pumpkin will chomp down on them and gnaw at them. I think Pumpkin is sort of pre-teething, and will chew on just about anything. But when you think of all that three-year-olds get into, and how they aren’t necessarily the champions of hygiene – well, you see where the Purell comes in.

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  1. It may be too little, too late, because I think I’m sick… : ( Wish I’d had the stuff a few weeks ago!!!

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