Whose Idea Was It?

Halloween. I hate it. I didn’t care for it a whole lot as a kid (except the candy part, because, hey, who doesn’t love getting a bag full of chocolate?), and as a mom, I really really don’t like it.

We started Halloween on Friday. That’s when The Princess had Halloween at daycare. I went for the class Halloween party, and when I went to leave, she started crying, “I wanna go home! I wanna go home!” She would not let up. She was clinging to me and crying so hard that she was slobbering and her nose was just oozing. After about 15 minutes of trying to be strong, I caved and took her home with me. Almost immediately, when we got home she asked for some candy from the huge bag of candy her teacher gave all the kids. I said no, as it was too early, and we hadn’t had lunch yet. So she says to me, “But Moooom! Miss Stacy said we couldn’t have our candy til we got home! And we’re home!” And it all became clear – she wanted to come home just so she could have Halloween candy. Isn’t that special?

Because of that Halloween party, we’ve had a bag of candy around for several days, and I anticipated it would be worse after trick or treat last night. We decided early on (that is, me and daddy decided!) that we’d only go to a few houses, so as not to overload with candy. The Princess was so giddy getting dressed up – looked so beautiful in her dress and my sister’s homecoming queen tiara… but when we’d get up to people’s houses, she’d get shy, and hide behind my husband’s legs and wouldn’t say trick or treat! It was hilarious. She would get this deer in the headlights look, refuse to talk, and then, as we’d turn around to go back down the driveway to the sidewalks, she would start chatting away like crazy. “Look at me, I’m a princess! I’m a princess! No one is looking at my pretty green light!” (We’d given her a glow stick). It was crazy!

She was up by 6 a.m. and already asking to have candy with her breakfast.

I hate Halloween.

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