Tis The Season

Ahhh, Thanksgiving is now over and we are in full swing gearing up for Christmas. I can’t wait! It seems like in spite of all the family nonsense that happens throughout the holiday season (let me just add that it’s not usually my family causin’ the drama!), it is such a joyous day, over far too soon. I love Christmas even more now since the birth of The Princess – and now Pumpkin as well.

This year is the first year that The Princess really has “the gimmees”, and while I don’t want to encourage that material aspect of the holiday, there is something fun about being a parent and trying to find the things that your kiddos want to bring a smile to their young faces.

This year, the big thing The Princess wants is a “Baby Annabell”. It’s a $40 (!) doll that apparently drinks from a bottle, cries real tears, and wets herself. The Princess wants this doll SO bad and has been asking for it for months. My grandmother went out and got it for her immediately, and has been so excited because everytime the subject of Christmas comes up and “What do you want, Princess?”, The Princess always says, “An Annabell baby!” My grandma is so jazzed that SHE is the one who is getting the primo gift of the year for The Princess! It sure is gonna be hard to top that one.

Pumpkin – well, I’ve told people she needs clothes and diapers. Hard to get to enthused at this point – she’ll be nearly five months old on Christmas day, and certainly not opening any presents. Of course, her stocking will have such goodies from Santa, like: baby food, bibs, wipes, and a teething toy. Figured we would fill that stocking with things we needed for her anyway!

I sent my husband out to hit the stores yesterday for “Black Friday” – he scored some awesome deals (including a ten dollar DVD player!). I later hit the mall with my mom and both girls (I spend 30 minutes looking for a parking spot – it was utter mayhem) – and bought two things, a gift Princess had picked out for Pumpkin (how sweet, right), and a winter hat for The Princess. That’s it. I’m in the mall in the midst of madness, and I couldn’t even be productive.

I made hubby take us all to Target today and I left him with the kids while I went around shopping… Found some stuff for my mom, sister, and of course, The Princess. I love gift shopping! I think I’m at least 50% done! (And no, I didn’t manage to get my Starbucks while at Target).

What a weekend. I love this time of year!

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