There’s a First Time for Everything…

I’ve finally seen it – a beautiful bridesmaid dress. Actually, yesterday, I saw several, and believe me, I’m stunned.

I’m not the kind of person who has been in tons of weddings – I’ve been in two… and one of them was my own.

The first wedding I was in was when I was 18, the bride was just barely 20 and the marriage was a mistake waiting to happen [Note: If you need a fake ID to drink at your own reception, you are TOO YOUNG to get married!]. Yes, the happy couple has since divorced – I don’t even think they made the two-year mark – but boy oh boy, those bridesmaid dresses were HIDEOUS. The matron of honor was about 8-1/2 months pregnant at the time of the wedding, so the bride’s goal was to find something flattering to her figure (as someone who has has two babies, I can tell you the efforts were in vain, because there is not much that flatters a nearly nine-months pregnant figure!). The dress was this black damask-like fabric, with a weird white lace overlay at the top. Ick.

Do I know where the dress is now? No. I couldn’t even sell it for a buck at a garage sale… It’s probably sitting in a Good Will store, still unsold after all these years.

Yesterday, a group of us went shopping for a bridesmaid dress for a dear friend’s wedding. My friend who is getting married has a pretty keen fashion sense (I’m not just saying that because I know she reads this!), and I so do not, so I was kind of worried that I would pick out something and everyone would say “Ewwwwwwww!” or vice versa! There were four of us trying on dresses (with the bride-to-be graciously holding the napping Pumpkin), and fairly easily narrowed it down to two dresses. I honestly wouldn’t think it’d be that easy to find two VERY DIFFERENT styles that would flatter us all so well, but we did. In the end we picked a gorgeous strapless gown that is going to really look elegant and sophisticated (Note to the bride: My hubby so kindly teased me when I said it was strapless, “So, you’re gonna nurse Pumpkin ’til May, aren’t you?” Just what I’d been joking about all day!).

It was a wonderful day and I had a wonderful time, and I can’t wait for more wedding activities (I love wedding stuff ALMOST as much as I love baby stuff!).

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