Some Random Thoughts…

My Point Exactly! I sent Hubby and The Princess to Starbucks for me yesterday on their way home from dropping off Hubby’s son (my stepson, who I don’t yet have a nickname for) at school. Hubby placed my order (Grande, decaf, nonfat sugarfree vanilla cap if you were curious) and the barrista said to him, “Is this for your wife? Did she just have a baby a few months ago?” Turns out it was Allie – who knows my order – even when I’m not the one placing it! Hee hee hee!

And A Birthday… My stepson is 10 years old today… Eight more years til he’s 18!

Whatta Way to Spend My Day. I have to go up “to town” to train our external customer service staff today – I’m not looking forward to it. Seems like every three months, the service center has nearly complete staff turnover, and instead of the “survivors” teaching the “newbies” all the way of the world, they sort of let these newbies try to figure it out! That’s all I can figure, because it seems like I have these quarterly meetings, telling these folks the same thing every time. I’m frustrated, but it’s part of the job (I think, because I have no job description, so who knows what my job really is!)

And Tomorrow… My company is having its factory clearance sale. Think I’m going to take Hubby and the Kids so they can see how nuts it goes when the doors open – people flood in to buy discounted furniture. It’s hilarious.

Have a great day everyone. Maybe I’ll be more interesting tomorrow.

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