Snot Sucker

That’s my name today, Mommy, a.k.a. Snot Sucker. Pumpkin has a severely runny nose and she’s pretty congested- so much so that she was up repeatedly last night. Consequently, we’re all exhausted today.

I have been alternating wiping her little tiny nose with Anti-Viral Kleenex (who knows if it really works or if it’s a clever marketing gimmick – I have so bought into it, so call me a fool, I guess) and sucking the gunk out with our nifty little nasal aspirator. Poor little baby.

I called the doctor’s office first thing this a.m. and they recommended Infant’s Sudafed. We trekked out to nearby Target (of course, only because they have a Starbucks in their store!), only to find that all Sudafed and like products are now behind the counter. Why? Because anything containing pseudonephrine is now more difficult to buy than illegal substances because of the surge of meth labs, I guess. Target didn’t have Infant Sudafed, the pharmacist said, because they haven’t become fully restocked on meds since this weird changeover due to the punks who have meth labs. Target called a nearby Meijer and found a similar Pedia Care decongestant that I was able to pick up.

I so did not want to be doing all this schlepping around with a sick baby and a three year old on the first snowy day of the season.

Pumpkin is finally resting and The Princess is playing in the bathtub. I should probably go sterilize the snot sucker before I have to use it again!!!

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