She Is So My Daughter…

My mom bought new Christmas stockings for the whole family today. We’ve been adding to our mess of stockings every time someone new came into our lives (i.e. when hubby started spending Christmas with my family, when mom started dating her now husband and HE started spending Christmas with our family, when The Princess was born… and now, Pumpkin). Mom decided rather than just get a new one for Pumpkin, we’d ALL get new ones. She came over with ten (I’m not kidding, that’s our immediate family – TEN) stockings to choose from.

My sister’s was easy to pick out of the bunch, silver and blue and sparkly with beading. But The Princess took about five minutes deliberating. I kept hush about my favorite one (a pretty silver stocking with a bit of a sparkly look to it), just having that feeling in the back of my mind what was going to happen. My mom had picked two stockings that looked very much like they were intended for the girls – teddy bears, hearts, snowmen, that kind of thing…

But, after a very careful deliberation, The Princess picked my favorite stocking. My mom even tried to steer her towards one of the others, but I didn’t even try it. That’s motherhood for ya. Sometimes it boggles my mind – The Princess is such a daddy’s girl, but her taste is very much like mine. As she put it, “Grandma, you know I like sparkly things!”

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