A Bit of Closure…

Yesterday, I had lunch with my boss (ex-boss, soon-to-be-ex-boss? – I don’t really know). I hadn’t seen her since early August, when Pumpkin was two weeks old and I took the girls to my office to visit my co-workers. Since then, I have gone to part-time at home, my boss has moved to North Carolina, a memo went out saying my pregnant co-worker wasn’t returning after maternity leave (which she never said, or agreed to). It has just been shady business all around at work.

Now, I realize I’m blessed – I can work from home several hours per week (I’m currently working 20 hours per week), and I get to work around my life and my schedule, and I get lots of time with my girls – this is a blessing. Despite the fact that if I had opted to return to work full time, I’d have been laid off probably within weeks (as they gave my job away!), I know that I got an okay deal, I’ve still been somewhat bent out of shape about how things had transpired. I was pretty hurt – I’ve worked side by side with most of these people for four years, and to have my boss MOVE TO ANOTHER STATE, and I didn’t find out til after the fact? It was hurtful.

She was in town this week, and we sat down over lunch to discuss what had happened. She was pretty candid about it, which I appreciated – said that a lot of what was said and done was without her knowledge – that she found out in the same memo that the rest of the company did! We talked about work, and how things were going.

After nearly 90 minutes with her, I have to say I feel better about this than I have until this point. Yes, I still get so frustrated about the way things happened. I would have preferred the powers-that-be having the decency to be honest, and more upfront about it all… But… I’m with my kids. AND I’m working. Somehow, for now, I really do have the best of both worlds (and talk about a great work dress code – it doesn’t get more “business casual” than getting to work in your pj’s!).

Life goes on.

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